Expanding the phenotypic spectrum of osteogenesis


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Its margins diverge above and below. Posteriorly there is a rough line – Linea aspera; Linea aspera splits at the inferior end becoming medial and lateral supracondylar ridges . This area is called as the popliteal surface of femur; Lower end of femur. Lateral condyl . Larger than medial condyl; Two condyls are separated from a deep intercondylar notch posteriorly ; Medial condyl The groove is continuous with the lateral lip of the linea Aspera. On the medial, proximal, posterior part of the femur is another (smaller ridge) known as the pectineal line. It acts as the point of connection for the pectineus muscle.

Linea aspera femur

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The linea aspera is a prominent longitudinal ridge or crest, on the middle third of the bone, presenting a medial and a lateral lip, and a narrow rough, intermediate line. It is an important insertion point for the adductors and the lateral and medial intermuscular septa that divides the th The linea aspera (LA) is the distinctive ridge found along the posterior aspect of the femur. When translated from Latin, LA means “rough line.” LA is the roughened, longitudinal irregular crest that is composed of 2 lips. This feature is the insertion site of the adductor thigh muscle. The linea aspera is a longitudinally-oriented ridge on the posterior aspect of the femur to which several muscles of the thigh attach. It is comprised of medial and lateral lips which diverge at both its superior and inferior ends. The attachment to the shaft of the femur is long, and in man is marked by the linea aspera (roughened line) on the posterior surface of the bone.

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Anterior devision of obturator nerve (L2,  Shaft of femur The linea aspera (from Latin meaning "rough line") is a rough double line on the posterior aspect of the shaft of the femur. It serves for the  anterior and inferior borders of greater trochanter, superior portion of lateral lip of linea aspera, and lateral portion of gluteal tuberosity of femur.

Linea aspera femur

Expanding the phenotypic spectrum of osteogenesis

Linea aspera femur

2019-04-30 · Linea aspera is an important anatomical and surgical landmark on the shaft of femur.3 To our knowledge, limited data is available in global literature on the morphometric features of linea aspera. The current study was planned to analyse the morphometric features of linea aspera in detail. Rosa: Pectineus (Linea Pectinea, Linea Aspera) Ljusgrön: Adductor Brevis (Labium Meidale Linea Asperae) Sandgul: Adductor Magnus (Labium Meidale Linea Asperae och den långa senan vid Epicondylus Medialis) Vinröd: Gluteus Maximus (Fascia Latae, Tractus Iliotibialis, Tubersoitas Glutea, Septum Intermusculare Femoris Laterale, Linea Aspera) The femur is the only bone in the thigh and the longest bone in the body.

tibias laterala condyl m. tensor  I skaftregionen finns en pektineal linje, gluteal tuberositet, linea aspera, popliteal fossa och mediala och laterala suprakondylära åsar. Slutligen finns det i det  EXTREMITETER: os longus: diafys 17, humerus diafys 1, femur diafys med linea aspera. 1 fragment. HAND/FOT: phalanx: I caput manus 1, I proximal epifys 1  Översättningar av ord LINEA från svenska till engelsk och exempel på The pronounced linea aspera while the degeneration on of the left femur indicates []. (tuberositas tibia).
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Linea aspera femur

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The femur is the only bone in the thigh and the longest bone in the body. It acts as the site of origin and attachment of many muscles and ligaments, and can be divided into three parts; proximal, shaft and distal..
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Above, the linea aspera is prolonged by three ridges. The lateral ridge is very rough, and runs almost vertically upward to the base of the greater trochanter. TWO CORRECTION --- **LINEA ASPERA : Posterior border ( surface nhi hogi ) of middle 1/3 of shaft of femur. **Diagram mai psoas major ki jagah pectineus kr lena. for contact : tcmlpawannagar@gmail Die Linea aspera ist eine prominente, longitudinal verlaufende Knochenleiste des Oberschenkelknochens (Femur), an der viele Muskeln ansetzen. 2 Anatomie Die Linea aspera bildet den dorsalen Rand des Femurs und ist im mittleren Drittel des Knochens am besten ausgeprägt.

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Linea aspera – The rough line continues down the posterior side of  Mar 29, 2021 Femur Bone Anatomy: The linea aspera is a rough longitudinal line located on the posterior femoral body.

av CT MR-röntgen — Har sitt ursprung från symfysen (ramus pubis inferior); Fäster proximalt på linea aspera på femur; Löper nedåt och lateralt. Adductor longus:.